How to make a complete arse of yourself 101

I just love to call out the Labour Party when they contradict themselves. This time it is Richard Northey – former Labour MP, current Labour Councillor, wannabe Deputy Mayor who is making an arse of himself.

In one submission to the Electoral Boundaries Commission he says putting Otahuhu in a Manukau CIty electorate would be bad – "Objects to the proposal to include Otahuhu in a Manukau based electorate." (N19 602)

But in another submission he is pushing for Panmure to be a be joined with the Manukau City electorate of Pakuranga – "Move the south-western boundary to Barrack Road, so that all of Panmure is included in the Pakuranga electorate." (N17 049)

Seems it is ok to move an Auckland City suburb into Manukau when it suits him, but when it doesn't, he uses that as an excuse to argue against it happening.

Not content with meddling in the lives of Aucklanders, Northey also can't help himself from meddling in the boundary disputes in Rotorua (N30 601), Taranaki-King Country (N32 610), and the East Coast (N35 602).

While I am talking about complete arses, I'd also like to point out that current Manukau City Councillor Sharon Stewart can't read the law and thinks the Tamaki River should be ignored as an electorate boundary – "Objects to the reliance on natural boundaries as a primary determinant of electorate boundaries." (N17 605)

If you search for the numbers in the PDF you can find the submission summaries here: