I smell another whitewash coming

Minister to get report on Key press secretary's partnerState Services Minister Annette King will get a report today on claims that the partner of National leader John Key's press secretary lost her job because of who she lived with. Madeleine Setchell got a senior job in the communications… [NZ Politics]

The treatment meted out by Labour on its "enemies" is appalling but non so far has been more appalling than the treatment dished out to Madeleine Satchell.

Annette King has ordered a report (gee those same names just keep coming up) but Cullen has already pre-empted the results of the report.

For sure Panty Slut-boy is involved in this despite his denials. He is up to his metal cock-rings and clothes pegs in making sure Madeleine Setchell got the arse.

Of course, the report will exonerate everybody, this is Labour we are talking about, so break out the buckets of whitewash.?