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John Hinchcliff is one of the mayoral candidates for Auckland City. Stuff rather sniffily calls him the "thinker". Why? I have no idea. So who is John Hinchcliff, lets find out shall we?

A visit to his website reveals quite a lot about than man. The home page has the most appalling photo of the candidate. It looks like he raided the Op Shop for his ill fitting jacket and that he is desperate need of a good feed. Not a good start. Compliments though on the RSS feeds he has, not that I will be subscribing to anything this old Labour Party hack has to say.

On to his CV. Anyone with the middle name of Clarence should always avoid publishing it. Names like that always result in a little chortle from readers and detract from the information contained therein. In fact as you read through his life you always comeback to the fact that his middle name is…hehe…Clarence. He also has six kids….sheesh, buy a TV man. Straight away near the top I find that he is not the man for me having been or is involved in Organic farming, Spectator rugby (is that the same as armchair rugby???) and social tennis (whoopee!), Futures studies and ethics, Peace and Nuclear Disarmament, Theatre, Alternative Energy.

Anyone who lists at age 68 that he was the Winner of Rotary Essay and United Nations Essay, Head Prefect, Outstanding Student Award, Regimental Sergeant Major, Queens Scout, Cellist in Senior Orchestra cannot be taken seriously at all. To find he was also the recipient of the 2004 Chinese Certificate of Honor and Recognition awarded by Prof. Du Yijin, Member of the Standing Committee of the National People?s Congress and leader of the Zhi Gong Party just confirms my suspicions that he is nothing but a bloody communist masquerading under the guise of academia.

His entire sorry assed life is nothing more than a life in academia. Nothing else. In fact precisely nothing qualifies him to be Auckland's Mayor and plenty disqualifies him. You can't even leave a comment because his stupid anti-spam question script gives errors.

Right lets check his policies….what no policies, coming soon it says…so is the election. How dare he stand with no policies. What a bloody cheek.

A look at his articles reveals more trite academic shite. This guy is starting to make me mad. Anyone who states in an article on their own website for campaigning for mayor "I find myself being confused" has seriously lost the plot.

Check out this tosh;

[quote]My death is something I accept with a sense of acquiescence believing there is no point in following the rebellious chant of Dylan Thomas: ?Rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light?. Yet I want to avoid the Grim Reaper and prolong my living as long as possible. So, in a sense, I do ?rage against the dying of the light?. So, I embrace it as a conundrum and declare paradoxically that I feel ?too young to be old and too old to be young?.[/quote]

Sheesh, die already would you. Thats it I can't review this plonker anymore, I give up.

Like all academics, he says a lot, quite definately loves the sound of this own voice and has in fact achieved very little except kill trees so he can see more of his words on paper. Given a choice between the "thinker" or anyone else, I'd take anyone else, yes even Dick, over the "thinker".

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