Jordan tells porkies again

Just Left: English Impatient Jordan Carter, Labour lickspittle of Wellington and formerly of Canada is whining again, this time it is about Bill English.

Jordan likes to think of himself as an intellectual yet every time he writes something on the blog it invariable is either straight out Labour spin from Gollum's office or outright lies made up in his own head. Jordan is a legend in his own mind and this post about what Bill English is no different.

Jordan invokes Orwell, who ironically wrote about the evils of socialism, an irony clearly lost on Jordan and talks about the "failed policies of the past". His outright lies are that "Under National we'd still be facing high unemployment, starved public services, decaying infrastructure, etc.".

Quite how he could possibly know that is truly prescient stuff almost on a par with Clark and Gollum predicting the outcomes of inquiries before they are held. His real crime however is saved for this paragraph tirade;

[quote]nsofar as generational change goes, there is an age gap between Clark and Key, no doubt of it. But if you look at the core of the National Front Bench (English, Ryall, Brownlee, Collins, Williamson, Lockwood Smith) you are looking at the past.

Those are the people who implemented the policies people threw out in 1999, after trying to throw them out in 1996 as well.[/quote]

Ok, lets play Jordan's silly game and use the names he used so some research. Add to that the names I nominate for Labour and lets be generous and call it "Labour's Brains trust". Those names are Clark, Cullen, Hodgson, Mallard, King, Maharey and Goff.

Lets look at their birth dates and the dates they first entered parliament.

  • Helen Clark: 1981, 1950
  • Michael Cullen: 1981, 1945
  • Phil Goff: 1981, 1953
  • Steve Maharey:1990, 1953
  • Pete Hodgson: 1990, 1950
  • Trevor Mallard: 1984, 1954
  • Annette King: 1984, 1947

That gives Labour and average time of tenure of 22 years and an average age of 56 years.

  • John Key: 2002, 1961
  • Bill English: 1990, 1961
  • Maurice Williamson: 1987, 1951
  • Tony Ryall: 1990, 1964
  • Gerry Brownlee: 1996, 1956
  • Judith Collins: 2002, 1959
  • Lockwood Smith: 1984, 1948

National's names have an average time of tenure of 14 years and an average age of 49 years old.

Thus we can see that actually in direct contrast to Jordan's false assertions it is actually Labour that is the past.

No one is older than Cullen at 62, in fact no one in the list of National MP's named by Jordan is over 60, Labour has Cullen and King. Labour's list has no one in their 40's, Jordan's list of so called old timers has four!!

Once again we have proved that Labour and it's mouth pieces are liars and the truth is something they can't even recognise.

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