Labour 'desperate' to keep Banks out

Labour 'desperate' to keep Banks outThe Labour Party has been accused of trying to influence the outcome of the Auckland mayoralty race to keep right-wing former incumbent John Banks out of office. The country's largest city is seen as integral to Labour's chances… [NZ Politics]

Mike Williams is busy in denial mode, so id Hubbard, but once again Mike Williams big mouth has let the cat out of the bag.

Of course Labour is meddling they always have and always will. They have chief Auckland meddler Richard Northey in there to help manipulate things.

Unfortunately for them I think Banksi has got them well covered and Hubbard hasn't exactly covered himself in glory the past three years.

I also seem to remember Hubbard standing on his ability to leave the personality politics behind, yet he has been the first to delve into them in an attempt to queer the pitch for Banksie.?