Labour has done so well helping the poor…..NOT!

Poor poorer, middle better off – Newstalk ZB

The poor and Maori continue to vote for Labour despite evidence that doing so does them no good at all. This week we have seen Shane Jones state that “the trouble with the maori is that they’ve been duped by Labour”.

Today we find that the poor, the very people Labour says they are out to help have in fact found themselves worse off under this government that they unceasingly have supported for 8 years.

[quote]Data from a study of household income and hardship trends between 1982 and 2004 has found incomes for poorer families with children have remained static. It says median poverty rates are worse now that what they were in 1998.

Researchers say the widening gap between poor and middle income households is because housing costs make up a higher proportion of household expenditure for low income families.

Solo parent families have the highest poverty rates of all household types, while two parent families have much lower poverty rates.

Child poverty figures show rates for those aged under 12 have fallen, but have risen for those over 12. The position of the 18 to 24 age group has also deteriorated.[/quote]

So, let me understand this, the vaunted WFF package has missed the targets for whom it was conceived. That despite the constant harping on about the failed policies of the 90’s the poor were actually better off then they are now…..well bugger me if this just doesn’t hammer another nail in Labour’s coffin.

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