Left, right – Labour's new dancing partner

Left, right – Labour's new dancing partnerLabour and Act have struck a co-operation agreement, and its first major effect could be resolution of the impasse over the proposed transtasman drug agency. The deal means the minority Labour Government will no longer automatically… [NZ Politics]

We were discussing ACT at our blogger drinks just the other day and I pointed out to the few remaining ACT supporters my belief about ACT and its remaining supporters. It seems my predictions and belief's are being confirmed today even as I blog.

ACT people in general are either young or ex-Labour. When push comes to shove people return to their roots. Rodney has clearly lost his mojo or is suffering some sort of mid-life crisis and has single handedly screwed the party. ACT's last remaining supporters are the young who are getting older and more cynical about where ACT is going and definately the ex-Labourites. The young largely have migrated to National already and with this latest stunt from Rodney will leave in droves. That leaves the ex-Labourites. They are a poisonous bunch of turncoats. Once turned the coat can always be turned back again, and I for one would never trust a turncoat.

[quote]I've always said we should not be seen as a tactical appendage to National,"[/quote]

ACT as it was formed now doesn't exist. Roger Douglas' acolytes have no home. Rodney has betrayed them. Winning Epsom and staying alive is now no longer an option for ACT. The voters of Epsom, like me, do not trust turncoats. ACT from this day forward are hopelessly compromised and electorally rooted.