Leper gaffe shows Clark's losing it, says Bainimarama

Leper gaffe shows Clark's losing it, says BainimaramaFiji's self-appointed Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has lashed out again at Helen Clark, saying she was about to self-destruct. Commodore Bainimarama told the Fiji Times that Helen Clark's claim he would be "treated… [NZ Politics]

Frank Bainimarama is sticking it to Clark. He knows she is mad as hell about her poll ratings and Fiji is a convenient punching bag. He also lays down a challenge fair and square over Clark's posturing with the South Pacific Forum in Tonga on October. He basocally is saying she can try to stop him but she will fail. I suspect that he is right and that Clark if she pushes the issue will suffer an embarrasing backdown.

The Commodore had this to say about Clark;

[quote]"The comment she made was very insulting and shows that she's been personal about the whole thing and it shows her as being a very insensitive woman and I think she's come to a point that she's self-destructing."[/quote]

Heh, "take that Clark, what else have ya got" is basically what the Commodore was saying.?