Lie, Damned Lies, Statistics, Labour Spin

So 20Free Subsidised starts today and we get to hear from Maharey the figures he has been so afraid of speaking about in Parliament.

The Education Ministry today released figures showing 62 per cent of centres covering 70 per cent of all enrolled three- and four-year-olds had opted in. Now we know why Maharey has been so reticent.

So what does all that mean….complete and utter failure of a flagship policy is what it really means. You see, 62 percent of 70 percent is 43 percent uptake.

Just 43 per cent. Not even half!! The minister's flagship policy is a complete cock up. He wanked on in Parliament that up to 92,000 children were eleigible and now only 39,560 have taken up the policy.

Of course Labour are claiming a victory. Some victory they had to hide the victory behind statistics with more spin than an Indian Cricket team.

On the back of that cock-up Labour screwed up the legislation for Kiwislaver and now has to correct that cock-up.