Like pigs feeding at the trough

Tamihere paid $55,000Ex-Cabinet Minister John Tamihere was given contracts that were not publicly tendered out for work which included advising on organisations he was being paid to run. The work was included in two contracts worth $55,000 in total,… [NZ Politics]

As usual Labour has been caught feeding the pigs, and again it is John Tamihere with both his snout and trotters deep into the trough.

John, the lucky pig, clearly still mates and they have thrown him several large pails of slop to wallow around in. All this despite Labour and Clark in particular campaigning against golden handshakes.

Jabba Parekura Horomia obviously doesn't like Clarks view of the world as he is the one who authorised the uncontested awarding of contracts to Tamihere.?

labour just can't seem to escape the stench of rotten-ness right now.?