More Hubbard madness

My, my the stories about Dick Hubbard are really pouring into my inbox.

As people are arriving back from Valencia a distrubing trend has emerged in the emails I am receiving. Now if I got one email telling me a story, well, that is interesting, but when one gets 10 or more there must be something about the story.

So, it goes like this.

Team New Zealand were doing ok, not spectaclular but ok, the Dick Hubbard turns up and shoves his way into all sorts of things claiming always that he the "Mayor of Auckland". Team New Zealand promptly start losing. The day before the final race, apparently Dick inveigaled his way to the general vicinity of Grant Dalton. This is what prompted the famous "I've seen the bulb, I've looked Grant in the eye and we are going to win", and then they lost.

At the after match function, Dean Barker gave a very humble speech thanking generously the huge support and expressing his disappointment that they just couldn't quite do it. Then the "Dick" decidedto upstage everybody.

He stood on a chair and raised his complete ungainly self above the fray and called for silence. He started by introducing himself as the "Mayor of Auckland" and then proceeded to give an embarrasing speech about how everyone was winners and how wonderful everybody was. so wonderful that he was going straight back to Auckland to arrange a ticker tape parade.? His whole demeanour apparently was appalling and self congratulatory and totally unwarranted. The emails all mention that people were staring at the floor and shuffling their feet through embarrassment. There was even muttering that they wished he would shut up and leave.

Now there is nothing remarkable about thesse stories except the almost unanimous view that Dick Hubbard was an embarrasment. Hmmm food thought.?