Move on PM tells flood victims

Towns repeatedly hit by extreme weather may have to move – PM – 11 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Helen Clark’s terrible week continues.

After insulting sufferers of leprosy and Commodore Bainimarama in the same breath she has now told people of the flood ravaged Far North the same thing she tells anyone who questions her and her dodgy ministry…..”Just move on”.

This is proof that Clark has lost her political radar, or perhaps the focus groups were all busy today and she didn’t check her statements off with them first.

Of course she has resorted to spouting complete tosh is explaining what has happened.

[quote]the problem was that many settlements had been established on the basis of old weather patterns, which had changed in the erratic world climate.[/quote]

Oh yeah, and which empirical and undeniable scientific evidence did she base that observation on? none is what, she resorted to a Gore-ism and just made shit up to suit.

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