Movie Reviews

I have seen two movies this week, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix and The Simpsons Movie.

One was disappointing and the other rocked.

Harry Potter OOTP was a big let down, crucial plot sequences were left out and characters were not explored suffciently especially those that are relevant in later books, like Kreacher.? The locket that was throwm away and rescued by Kreacher and put in his cupboard wasn't even mentioned, I wonder how they are going to bring that in later as it is crucial in HP-TDH as it is a horcrux. Very dull and long scenes that added nothing to the story in between short scenes that lacked the required depth to carry on the story.

The Simpson Movie on the other hand rocked. it was constant hilarity. As usual Flanders is mocked unceasingly and the movie definately slams Al Gore and his Inconvenient Truth. Right at the beginning is a scene where Green Day stop their concert and ask the audience to spend a little time thinking of the environment, the crowd goes silent and then starts booing and pelting them with objects as Green Day's concert barge gets eaten by the acid water of Springfield Lake. The usual slagging of religion, gays, racism etc all get an outing. All in all a bloody funny movie that didn't disappoint. The kids are still talking about it.?