MSD paying more for consultants – National

MSD paying more for consultants – NationalMinistry of Social Development spending on consultants has grown despite big increases in the number of permanent staff, National Party family spokeswoman Judith Collins says. Ms Collins today highlighted figures from the department's… [NZ Politics]

Profligate spending continues unabated at the Ministry of Social Development.

Judith Collins has revealed that figures from the department's annual financial review which showed it spent almost $40 million on consultants in the three years to June 30, 2006.

The department spent about $5 million in 2003-2004 and about $17 million in each of the two years after that.

That is a massive increase in spending on cinsultants at a time when there has also been a massive increase in head count at the same ministry.

Policy staff had grown from 126 to 320 and the number of communications staff from 23 to 54 over the past six years. I bet that number of communications staff is bigger than the entire PR department of Telecom, NZ Post and all the major banks put together.

I also seem to remember Helen Clark saying around 1999 that she would end such cultures of extravagance….she did didn't she??