National out to 14pt lead over Labour in latest poll

National out to 14pt lead over Labour in latest pollThe latest Roy Morgan political poll shows support for both Labour and National slightly down although National has a 14-point lead over its rival. The poll, published yesterday, puts support for Labour down two points to 34 per… [NZ Politics]

More bad news for Labour and Clark. It seems that the spn about the effects of the smacking bill are just that, spin.

National?? ?? ?? ?? 48.5%

Labour?? ?? ?? ???? 34%

Greens???? ?? ?? ?? 8.5%

Maori?? ?? ?? ?? ???? 2%

Winston First?? ?? 2.5%

ACT?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 1%

United Future ?? 1.5%

One wonders how long Labour and Clark can sustain such a walloping in the polls without something breaking. The irony is that Clark spent a considerable time getting herself in the paper, txting, shroud waving and ambulance chasing, it clearly has failed.

Labour has a history of nasty leadership coups when things go bad. Whilst she and Labour were in front, Clark was essentially bullet-proof, now her challengers are armed with teflon bullets making her bullet-proof vest redundant. They will fire wooner or later.?