No inquiry needed, Clark doubts any wrong-doing

Clark doubts DHB wrongdoing in Hausmann affairPrime Minister Helen Clark says she will be surprised if an inquiry into conflict of interest allegations at Hawke's Bay District Health Board (DHB) finds anything wrong. Health Minister Pete Hodgson yesterday ordered an investigation… [NZ Politics]

Of course she'll be surprised, Gollum has assured the Prime Minister that he has ordered sufficient quantities of whitewash to guarantee she won't be surprised.

The inquiry will not be impartial, it will be tainted by the appointment of another Government lickspittle and a high paid lawyer. Whats the bet the DHB Chair they select will be one of the Three Ugly Sisters? That will be proof positive that the process is politically corrupt.

The terms of refernce are being set by Gollum so rest assured his prediction of "nothing untoward" and being able to lay it all to rest will come true.

Gollum himself is now hopelessly compromised after stating that there was a paper trail to show Mr Hausmann's appointment to the board "was absolutely correct and fulfilled all statutory requirements". He has contradicted his own spokeswoman who acknowledged that King, as then-health minister, did not follow the Ministry's own guidelines for appointing board members when she put Hausmann onto the board. The guidelines detail a strict "due diligence" process for health board appointments which includes an interview by a panel made up of the board chairperson, a ministry official and an iwi representative.

A critical part of the interview process focuses on conflicts of interest, and questioning of candidates "how they intend to manage any identified conflicts of interest".

So clearly something is not right when the Minister and his spokesperson are in direct contradiction.?

Of course Deareader has spoken and declared herself judge and jury and that there will be nothing, narzing to find.