Off to Vanuatu

I'm off for a few days to Vanuatu. What a bugger, I'll be thinking of you all while I sun myself.

Actually it is a bit of work for the Lord. I am reviewing an aid project for ADRA. ? They are establishing a coconut pressing mill for extracting Coconut oil and making bio-diesel as well as trialling raw coconut oil as a fuel to reduce dependence on imported diesel.

As I know quite a bit about bio-diesel and such other things I have been asked to review the aid project for a number of things. These include the abiltiy to replicate in more remote areas, viability of the project to make villages self sustaining and the capability of the local coconut plantations. By making their own fuel, they can then have power, which then opens up the world.

Should be quite a bit of fun. I'll blog if I can.

For those so inclined for a bit of Tory Charity you can do so directly at ADRA's website.