PM wades in against family's state house victory

PM wades in against family's state house victoryA family accused of terrorising their neighbours in a case compared to an episode of the Sopranos have won a battle to stay in their Auckland state house. But the saga is likely to continue, with Prime Minister Helen Clark wading… [NZ Politics]

Yep, there she goes again, acting as Judge, Jury and executioner, completely ignoring that the statutory authority has found otherwise.

Clearly Clark is desperate to cling onto any sort of dead bdy or local controversy in a desperate and ultimately futile bid to save her drowning government. She seems to not care about the rule of law but then she is a Labour minister and the rule of law doesn't apply to them.

Once again one of her departments has failed in the simplest of tasks, one any property invetor is faced with, that of getting rid of a troublesome tenant, and they bungled that. Clearly the Minister is not in charge of this department, oh wait that is Chris Carter, he didn't even know about a huge rort case until it was leaked in parliament. Time for another sacking methinks.?