Proof positive that teacher unions aren't about excellence, they are about covering up perverts

Porn site teacher earns slap on wrist – 08 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

An art teacher sexual predator who posted hard-core pornographic pictures of himself and two women on internet sex sites – with messages for girls "the younger the better" to contact him – has been allowed to continue teaching.

Bizarrely it was the teachers union, the PPTA, who tried to keep the case secret and worse the Teacher Council will not reveal the teacher's name even though two of the five Disciplinary Tribunal members wanted this sicko struck off the teachers register.

This means now that principals, parents and students do not know anything about the man's past, even if he is still teaching prowling in their school.

[quote]The Herald on Sunday searched the teacher's online nicknames and found 50 different pornographic pictures still posted on various websites.

Most were too graphic for publication but included masturbation, oral sex and sex using toys.

Other pictures that were viewed by the tribunal involved the respondent "urinating into the mouth of his partner, his partner urinating into his mouth, and various sexual poses", the decision said.[/quote]

And they debated whether it was misconduct or serious misconduct!!!!!!

If someone knows who this sicko teacher and his online nicknames are then let me know and I'll publish his details, as clearly the MSM are too scared to.

I suppose we can't expect too much though when we have a government like Panty Slut-Boy.?

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