Ratepayers face cost blowout on Mt Eden

Ratepayers face cost blowout on Mt EdenThe cost of upgrading facilities on Mt Eden (Maungawhau) has blown out from $6 million to between $12 million and $29 million – and the ratepayer pain may not end there. Preliminary estimates show a new visitors' centre and electric… [Auckland News]

And the hits just keep on coming……

Hubbard and his spendthrift council couldn't run a bath. We now find out that despite Hubbard assuring us all that the Mt Eden project wouldn't cost more than $6 million, it will in fact cost between double and five times that amount and even after blowing all that money the ratepayers still have to cough to cover the operating losses of the stupid ill-thought out venture.

Only a bunch of politicians could spend money to generate an ongoing loss to the ratepayers. ?