Row over candidate

Row over candidateA row has erupted within the centre right Citizens & Ratepayers Now in Hobson after the non-selection of a community board member for one of three Auckland City Council slots. Hobson community board member Julie Chambers yesterday… [Auckland News]

Of course the Herald has only got the side of a bitter and twisted old trout. There is much more to Julie Chambers than meets the eye.

First up she is being very disingenuous when she says she was endorsed by two indicative selection meetings. In fact she is extremely lucky to have been given a second chance after it was found that not only her but her husband as well weren't even financial members at the first meeting thus invalidating her candicacy. Not only that she mounted a whispering campaign that essentially blamed another candidate for her non-membership and harangued the campaign manager, trying pretty much to bully her way into selection through deceit.

The fact the executive decided that a second attempt, because of some rule breaches, and Julie Chambers non-membership, was necessary shows the integrity of the executive.

My sources (if is good enough for the Herald to say it, it is good enough for me) tell me that Ms Chambers essentially refused to work under the direction of the campaign manager and this was a major reason for the executive not agreeing with the non-binding indicative selection meeting vote. Yes, thats right, if the herald bothered ti check the rules and constitution of Citizens and Ratepayers it would have found that the indicative selection meetings are non-binding on the executive which has the final say on all selections.

If you can't be a team player, then you don't deserve to be part of a team.