Satire, Denigration and Ridicule

If Helen was upset about the Darth Vader pisstake then she will be real upset with this montage of Satire, Denigration and Ridicule.

Peters and Dunne deserve the flogging as well because a) they still owe us money and b) they are literally sucking off of the public tit. I can't of course claim the honours of thinking this up all by myself. A loyal reader sent me an email directing me to this pisstake at Guido Fawkes and the cover of Wprost, Poland's answer to the Economist. I thought that the Poles have certainly got a more robust sense of humour and ballsy media than the lapdogs that lick Helen's arse in this country. If Polands version of The Economist can take the piss out of not only their leaders but one of the leaders of the G8 then why can't our media harden up and give it to our politicians. We sure miss out a lot with the demise of political satire of the likes of McPhail & Gadsby. Never fear though, i believe the blogosphere can provide where they left off from.

So Helen, Winston and Peter, suck it up, welcome to the blogosphere where Satire, Denigration and Ridicule are par for the course.

Oh and don't worry about me running out of ideas, plenty more here down in the "sewer" and amongst the members of the VRWC….yes it is certainly a great deal vaster than it used to be.