Sir Roger says Hide-Labour talks a joke

Sir Roger says Hide-Labour talks a jokeAct founder Sir Roger Douglas has described party leader Rodney Hide's talks with Labour as a joke. Mr Hide will explain the new relationship at Act's Wellington regional conference today, after agreeing last week to seriously… [NZ Politics]

I seem to remember all the ACToids screaming bloody murder when National created some room for ACT on the right even describing them as Labour-Lite and Smurf's, but then absolute silence about Rodney's master strategy of rebranding ACT, Leapfrogging over National to jump in between them and Labour.

Brilliant, just brilliant. National creates room on the right for them and they use the room for a run up to play leap frog in the rush to the left.

Sir Roger Douglas the founder of ACT has some stern words for Rodders.

[quote]Sir Roger said any talk of Act even considering the Therapeutics Bill must be a joke.

"Essentially, what [the bill] is all about is controls and regulations and I thought we were a party of freedom and personal choice. I don't think he's thought through how it relates to his personal principles and the party's principles."

Sir Roger said Act could talk to anybody it liked.

"But this is a Government of control freaks and there's not much point in talking to control freaks. I can't see that there's any common ground."[/quote]

And that is the point isn't it. Despite what ACToids like to spin there really is no common ground so Rodder's stunt is doomed to fail.

I predict that ACT's support will drop and that polling will show that Rodney is rooted in Epsom. The irony is that they did it to themselves despite the room made by National for them to grow.