Sneaky Tony exposed

Sneaky Tony Milne has deleted the sentence in his post regarding "the persistent rumours about Bob Parker".

Unfortunately for Tony there is such a thing called the Google cache and it, conveniently for me and perhaps not so conveniently for Tony, exposes his little act of subterfuge. Click on the photo for a larger picture of Tony's little gaffe, underlined in red.

I see he's also added a comment that wasn't on the original post with a link to Megan Wood's burglary of her home. Fortunately for him the cache didn't have the original post. However the burglars will no doubt have used a pair of her enormous britches as a convenient swag bag. Apart from having to evict the small African village from their accomodation they could fit a DVD player, laptop, ipod and cradle, jewelry box and jellybean jar in there along with three spare tyres and a bumper pack of KFC.

UPDATE: Megan Woods was ripped off badly, especially where it must hurt….
[quote]"They stole alcohol, some money, cameras and went through the freezer and took some of the food," Dr Woods said.[/quote]
Oh the calamity!! She must have starved for a whole 30 minutes before hitting the speed dial for Pizza Hut.