So who is 1Auckland?

Given that Steve Crow is an "executive director" of the new ticket, it' probable Crow is putting some financial resources in behind them.

After all, he already controls the 1Auckland website domain name through his company Vixen. So if the proceeds of porn are
contributing to this new local government ticket, what sort of adult movies are they exactly?

  • Ripe – the pregant porn star giving birth
  • Trombone Blown – something about the 'rusty trombone ' (I had to look it up, and I'm shocked!) which boasts on the cover "100% asslicking"
  • Dripping wet pink (Volume 3) – you know it's quality porn when there are two sequels.
  • Space Nuts special edition – which appears to have a plot. "Led by the Evil Overlord and the Dark Witch, an ominous shadow has swept acorss the universe, destroying countless planets in its wake. The Clitoran System, one of the last remaining independent realms, may yet fall, for the Evil Overlord's shyster…" Oh please.

Here's a prediction, the 1Auckland clowns are going to have a hard (oops excuse the pun) time being taken seriously.