State House bludgers take in more in Board than they pay in rent

More than 7000 state housing tenants take in boarders – 18 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

National’s Phil heatley has revealed in the house today that over 7000 state house tenants also have boarders for which they charge board.

Not only that, but 1740 of them are not family members. One tenant had five boarders. Under the existing rules any rent doesn’t have to be paid to Housing Corp until they have 3 or more boarders.

This has led to the ridiculous situation where people, supposedly in need, actually have more than they require so rent it out at a tidy profit.

Why has the government not turfed them out and put in more deserving members of society defies logic.

But then Minister Carter is still desperately trying to hush up the details of the last State housing rort and the details that prove that he lied to the house about when he knew what about the rort. Yes Minister, this blog has the goods on you and will be releasing them in due course.

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