TV Networks to ignore Satire rules

At last some media with balls.

Four channels have given MP’s the fingers over their censorship rules regarding satire.

TVNZ said;

[quote]”The banning of the use of images from the debating chamber for satire is a precious over-reaction by MPs and unnecessarily puts limits on New Zealanders’ understanding of politics. The public has a right to see how their elected representatives behave and perform in Parliament — warts and all.”[/quote]

TV3 news director Mark Jennings said;

[quote]”New Zealanders should have this approach to politics available to them. This is such a serious issue about New Zealanders’ democratic rights that our competing organisations are prepared to back each other up if one is penalised for ignoring this part of the new rules.”[/quote]

This blogger will continue to satirise, denigrate and ridicule stupid politicians.

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