TV3 Poll, Labour well behind, Nats still in front

National continues to cane Labour in the latest TV3 poll, the favourite of the Labour lickspittles.

National steady on 48%

Labour steady on 36%

Greens down 2 to 6%

Maori 2.7%

Winston First 2.6%

ACT 1.2%

United Future 1.1%

This means the seats are as follows;

Labour 45

National 60

Green Party 8

Maori Party 4

ACT 2 (a big if, Rodney has to keep Epsom, which is unlikely)

United Future 1

Progressive 1

Total seats 121

Clearly from this poll Winston is a goner unless he can pull a rather large rabbit out of the hat. I have always said that Winston's star would wane as his supporters, essentially Rob's mob followed Rob into the grave.

ACT are also there but only if Rodney does the highly unlikely and retains Epsom. It remains to be seen whether Peter Dunne and Jim Anderton can continue to con their respective electorates. Both however need an exceptional candidate to take it to them on the hustings.

Labour must be seriously worried by now, after all their publicity and spending of taxpayers money launching three of their flagship policies Kiwi's are saying "thanks, but we have had enough of you lot".

Clark has lost her mojo with the voters as well, no longer can she command preferred Prime Minister as of right, and this month only managed a tie with John Key despite her shroud waving, Fiji bashing and txting prowess. Labour ministers will dreading the pending re-shuffle now, but who can step up? There is really no depth to Labour's ranks.