Unions throwing weight about over tax

Give me a break Cullen, why is it ok to look at over taxation with regards to redundancy payouts but not the rest of us poor fools who end up in the top tax bracket?

I fail to see why redundancy payouts should be treated any different from any other income. It is simple, if you earn over $60,000 for the year including your redundancy payout then cop the tax like any other Kiwi.

Sheesh, unions have a hide. Union Bovver boy and secretary of the Labour Party's union affiliates council, Paul Tolich, said the unions had been lobbying ministers about the issue for some time, but had not proposed a specific alternative.

It begs the questions, What is the payoff for the Unions and the Labour Party of this lobbying? Are Labour running a "policy for donations" scam? What has been said in these back-room deals that they euphemistically call lobbying?

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