Vanuatu Photos

Vanuatuan Weed Whackers on Santo Unloading the ship from Vila

Weed Whackers on Santo near Luganvilles. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Unloading the ship from Vila at Luganville "Woof"

Unloading Copra at Luganville "woof" Unloading the Bullok for the school

Unloading sacks of Copra at Luganville Woof ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? School boat unloading the Bullok

Bus Stop sign on Aore Copra Dryer on Aore

Bus Stop sign near Black Woof on Aore????????????????????????? Copra Dryer at Aore Adventist Academy

Note the use of Bislama. Woof means wharf and bullok is the generic word for cattle.

There is even a Bislama version of Wikipedia.