Whangarei District Council pisses off McDonalds

hat tip Frank Newman

Matters seem to be going from bad to worse up in Whangarei.

[quote]McDonald?s, the world's largest fast food chain, has covered over its logo on the Children?s Living Treasure Forest sign in Rewa Rewa Road. Apparently it no longer wishes to be associated with the planted forest (which it sponsored at the time) after it was revealed on TV3 that the forest was used as a disposal area for dogs shot by the Council's pound. The TV3 expose found that many of the holes (some 5m deep) were open and posed a danger and health risk.[/quote]

Gee, I bet the Mayor is wishing she had sorted out her dodgy dog ranger now instead of sweeping the issue under the carpet. Silly cow, all they need up there now is a decent Mayoral candidate and a united platform and the existing council of toadies and lickspittles are a goner.