What a load of cobblers

Te Reo ‘could fight’ child abuse epidemic – 29 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

good grief I have heard it all now, firstly the anti smacking bill was hailed by all and sundry as the solution to New Zealands dreadful child abuse statistics, even Dear leader said as much. Now we have some stupid fools one of which is Bentham Ohia, CEO of Te Wananga O Aotearoa, saying that learning Te Reo can help Maori stop bashing and torturing their children.

What complete and utter cobblers. This man should immediately be replaced as CEO and someone with a realistic grip on reality replace him.

Pita Sharples comes the closest;
[quote]”I’m just saying that there is a subculture of dysfunction and we’ve got to look at that whole area of people who have stopped dreaming and are just coping.”[/quote]
That is Pita’s way of saying that there is an underclass and there are serious issues that no amount of welfare is ever going to solve. The socialist solution has failed Maori, it is time for Pita and tariana to lead Maori away from welfare dependency.

Dare I say it, could it be time for intervention as suggested by Kerre Woodham.

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