Whoopsy, looks like the punters have found us out.

You know a policy is doomed when even the most fawning of newspapers has an article decrying your own PR as hogwash.

The NZ Herald editorial slams the government for it 20NotFree policy under the headline "Childcare benefit illusory".

[quote]When is a free childcare policy not free childcare? When centres have to charge a "voluntary" supplement, or raise their charges for unsubsidised children, or reduce their activities to the level of costs the Government will meet. Or when more than a third of childcare providers will not have a bar of it.[/quote]

The editorial doesn't give the government any slack whatsoever. Slamming into them over all three of their foundation bribes. 20NotFree, Kiwislaver and NotCheaper Doctors visits.

[quote]Free childcare, subsidised doctor's visits, retirement savings incentives, are illusory benefits for most. For every child or elderly person receiving cheaper primary health care there are probably now two or more working adults paying more for doctor's visits than they were before the scheme started. And the KiwiSaver incentives will benefit mainly those with money to spare, many of whom will have been in superannuation plans that carried no cost to the taxpayer.[/quote]

This is the most attacking editorial of Labour policies I have ever seen. I think, dear readers that the tide has turned against the nanny state of Helen Clark. barely three days after a massive taxpayer funded Labour Party advertising spree and the media who were once the eunuch lickspittles of Clark, have turned upon the hands that have sustained them.