14 point gap in latest Roy Morgan poll

[Roy Morgan Research] Morgan Poll

From this poll we can see why Labour has decided to attack John Key. This was always going to be the strategy, it always is to go personal.

The latest Poll finds support for the Labour Government is down 1% to 35%, while support for the National Party is up 2% to 49%.

The Green Party vote is down 0.5% to 6%, while support for New Zealand First is down 1% to 4%.

Among the other minor parties: Maori Party 3% (up 1%); ACT New Zealand 0.5% (down 1%); United Future New Zealand 0.5% (down 0.5%); and the Progressive Party 0.5% (unchanged).

Not that it is the left that is generally in decline and the Centre Right that is gaining in popularity.

Labour will now up the attacks as they become more and more desperate to turn around the trend.

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