1Auckland all over the place like a mad womans' poo

Michael Earley: NZHerald: “Your Views: Are councils spending too much of your money?”

Commendable though it is that guys like Mike and Blair have decided to be cajoled by Crazy Chris into standing for his new pulled out of his and Julie’s arse “ticket” and put their names forward for council there are some inconsistancies creeping into their [cough] message.

First up, Mike E, has explained some of 1Auckland.com’s policies and thoughtfully linked to their website, except well it isn’t there. Also it isn’t their name, their name is 1Auckland.com, which also isn’t up. Clearly Chris thinks he will win the case against them so has registered oneauckland.com just in case. There seems to be case of political schizophrenia happening here.

Still it is a little bizarre that the “ticket” doesn’t have a site and neither does their leader and guru Steve Crow, unless you count a photo of his bald mug as a site.

In line with Steve’s motto “Telling you as it is” here is a little story about the thought processes involved with these guys. They talk big and act small.

I had lunch one with Chris Diack who spent the entire time telling how fucking marvelous he was. He even gloated to me that if it wasn’t for him and his ticket (that was Auckland Now back then) then the Centre Right vote wouldn’t have been split. It was at this point that I realised that Chris Diack was like most Labour converts to ACT, slightly mad and always spoiling for a fight, any fight, just so long as they were fighting. I retorted to Chris at the time, “So you are the one responsible for Dick Hubbard, that was a brilliant fucking plan that was, I know I’ll teach the Centre-Right a lesson, we’ll split the vote and let Hubbard and City Vision in, just fucking brilliant”. Lunch ended shortly after that.

Once again Chris has thrown a hissy fit and stormed out of Citizens and Ratepayers all on the pretense that his friend Julie wasn’t selected. That would be the Julie who didn’t pay her membership, and the Julie who went running to the press whining about it all despite signing binding documents to say she wouldn’t.

Unfortunately for Blair and Mike, earnest though they are, they will get nowhere, because essentially the “ticket” is hollow and based entirely around the ego’s of Steve Crow and Chris Diack. At least Steve runs a successful business and doesn’t still live with his mum and dad. They have been conned into standing for something that has no history, no plans and no ideas.

Citizens and Ratepayers are mightily glad that this little band of fools who talked big but acted small have flown the coop. They won’t be welcomed back.

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