3 years of rate rises tipped to top 37 per cent

3 years of rate rises tipped to top 37 per centProperty and water rates in Auckland City are forecast to soar by 37.3 per cent and 30 per cent respectively over the next three years if October's local body elections do not force changes of policies.
Mayor Dick Hubbard and the…
[Auckland News]

If you actually needed a reason to tip out Hubbard and City Vision it is this report that despite massive rates hikes more are expected.

Soon to be ex-Mayor Dick Hubbard and the City Vision-Labour ticket must defend a term
in which rates rose by 21.4 per cent and projections from council
documents that they would rise 37.3 per cent more under current policy. On top of that The Dick actually campaigned on rates relief when he weaseled his way in.

Time's up wastrels.?