A public service notice from the Bloggers Union

This is a public service notice on behalf of the Blogger Union (sorry Clint, President for life but this was urgent)

Hence forth the woman person formerly known variously as Prime Minister, Bilious Bitch, Killer Queen, Mendacious Matron will from now on be referred to as the "Hollow Woman" and shall be linked as such to her listing on Wikipedia.

This nomenclature came about from honorary "blogger" Fran O'Sullivan who earned her place in the Blogger's Union Hall of Fame by being erroneously called a Right Wing Blogger by the aforementioned Hollow Woman.

This ruling of the council serves as notice to all members of the compulsory Bloggers Union and in and of itself this ruling is also compulsory.

Thank you


Vice President for Life of Poltical Assassinations, Beatings and Google Bombs.?