Another pledge card promise in doubt

Many apprentices ‘failing to finish’ – New Zealand news on

Not only did we as taxpayers pay for the pledge cards it seems now that the promise for “Modern Apprentices” are failing in a spectacular fashion.

Figures made public suggest 46 per cent of those enrolled in 2001 and 2002 completed their training in the expected four years. In other words 54% are not completing, which is newspeak for failing.

The scheme is one of Labour’s pledge-card policies. More than $100 million has been committed to it since its launch in 2000. That would suggest that $54 million of it was complete and utter waste.

As at December 31, 9466 active modern apprentices were in training. The Government wants 14,000 by December, 2008. The government is coming up short on yet another promise.

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