Any one seen a Mont Blanc?

A friend of mine just rang me with an interesting little story.

It involves our Dear Leader the Minister for the Arts.

Recently in Auckland there was a show for the up and coming young performers and Dear Leader asked one particular young vocalit for his email address, presumably so she could get royalty free mp3's off of him.

Unfortunately Dear Leader didn't have a pen of her own so borrowed the vocalists genuine Mont Blanc pen to scrawl his details down onto a piece of paper. (for the unititated Mont Blanc's are not cheap, the most basic model starting at about $400 and all model are a pleasure to behold and enscribe with)

The poor unfortunate vocalist clearly blinded and confounded by the hideous apparition before him demanding his email address didn't notice that Dear Leader had quietly tucked away the Mont Blanc into her handbag and then absconded never to be seen again.

It wasn't until the young vocalist got home that he realised that he had been had by one of the best nickers known to operate in New Zealand.

Supporting the Arts huh! Nicking from the arts more like it.