Attacks on MP worry health advocates

Attacks on MP worry health advocates – 18 Aug 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The Herald outlines how Mental health experts are aghast at the behaviour of MP's towards Nick Smith. I blogged on how appalling Winston Peters was and he is reported as being unrepentant. More concerning is the reported comments of Ministers.

[quote]Hansard records reveal references since 2005 include Annette King referring to Dr Smith as "cracked", both Ms King and Trevor Mallard telling him to "take his pills", Phil Goff suggesting he take his "medication", Clayton Cosgrove referring to him as "troppo" and Michael Cullen making references such as "long before Dr Smith needed his pills", and "big, brave Dr Smith will take his pills".[/quote]

Annette King is the former Health Minister and if she is making comments like that then clearly she is not suitable to be a Minister in charge of mental health affairs and should resign forthwith.

And speaking of affairs Mallard best watch his "p's" and "q's" right now if my information is correct he is about to cop a right good attitude adjustment that show him to be the ultimate hypocrite with issues in the marital and honesty department.

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