Aud spills the beans on the DBP issue

Blog: What the politicians did with the political blog – 13 Aug 2007 – Political News – New Zealand Herald

Audrey young has obviously been told that her information sources are dead no matter how much sucking up she does, otherwise why else would she rub salt into the raw, bleeding and suppurating wounds that the Benson-Pope/Setchell saga has inflicted upon Labour.

And boy does she rub the salt in, this time into Clark’s cuts. Clark will be fair spewing into her cup of herbal tea when she sits down and sees Aud’s latest post. (Note Audrey, it is a post or posting not a blog, a blog is the whole shooting match not the individual story)

Audrey has definitely stepped over the line with Clark with this post. She will be permanently on the shit list…she still has some way to go before she will be admitted to the VRWC though.

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