Aud's balls getting bigger

Audrey Young: Key debates the Electoral Finance Bill – 22 Aug 2007 – Political News – New Zealand Herald

Audrey Young give Labour and Clark another good shellacking over the Electoral Finance Bill.
[quote]The bill is a gift to National. Each day English takes just one barmy aspect of it to expose to a little attention.

Today English zero-ed in on the strange clause in the bill (14, 1 (c)) that prohibits an unincorporated body (such as a church) to register as a third party unless all of its members are registered electors ie. aged over 18.

Yesterday English zero-ed in on blogs, in particular this type run on newspaper websites, and said they will be caught under the bill’s definition of election advertising.

I don’t recall seeing a Government so defeated on a bill before it has begun. It is at select committee but hearings have not yet started.

Labour has simply ceased to defend it.[/quote]

This is the Government not only giving up on the bill, but looking like it wants National’s help to pull it out of the mire. Often when cattle or stock is stuck in the mire the best thing to do is shoot it and let it sink away.

Kill the Bill

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