Been Busy today

I have been busy today helping Councillor Jami-Lee Ross putting up his election signs.

Cr Ross is seeking re-election after a successful term as one of Howick's councillors in the Manulau City Council.

Jami-lee was elected last time as one of the youngest ever councillors at age 18 and has made a great contribution at council level seeking for restraint and financial prudence from the council.

If the way your election hoarding looks gives you some indication of your committment to the ward then Jami-Lee is by far and away the stand out councillor .

The other sitting councillor Sharon Stewart has gone with the budget look and clearly shared costs with her friend Ken Yee the perrennial loser out Howick way. Their signs are truly awful with long winded statement in really tiny font that no-one is going to see unless they cause a traffic accident.

Out and about today it appears to be a one horse race for mayor with only Dick Quax's signs showing anywhere. We still await incumbent Mayor his Royal Highness Sir Barry Curtis to decalre he is standing again.