Blog: Transparency lost in therapeutic medicines debate

Blog: Transparency lost in therapeutic medicines debateWithout wanting to rub salt into National's therapeutic medicines wound, I would note that that estimable blogger and sensible person and National activist NZ Politics]

After much gnashing of teeth yesterday and Labour falsely claiming that Key had at last made a mistake Audrey young adds a little bit of contrition into her blog post today.

It is a much more reasoned posting that shows that everyone really got the wrong end of the stick and posted willy-nilly without a little bit of forethought. With more and more light being shed on the the issue it is clearly more a case of a storm in a tea-cup rather than some huge error of judgement that Labour would like it to be.

As Audrey points out;

[quote]I blogged similarly a few weeks ago and while it is still unfathomable why National has taken the position it has, Labour has escaped too lightly for its failure to properly consult National on the Peters compromise. And King must shoulder the blame.[/quote]

Of course King won't shoulder the blame, she is a labour minister and a Labour minister with her own little distractions at the moment.?