Can Labour get any good press at the moment?

Muck-rakers desperate for dirt – Opinion: views on the news on

I mean this is a serious question. There is almost no good news for Labour as they continue to smear John Key. the same media that wallowed in the mire with Labour over their smears of Don Brash are now giving Labour stick.
Perhaps because the smears are so lame, almost kindergarten sandpit stuff that the media are slamming Labour.
Richard Long has also got stuck in today, with his opinion piece. He alludes to political machinations behind the breakins at the Key residence.

[quote]This desperation for any scrap of information, any document that can be flourished against him, seems to put into context the burglary of Mr Key's home while he was on a well-publicised overseas holiday, and the mysterious raids on his home garbage bins, detected by neighbours on several occasions. These were not homeless people, looking for discarded Parnell food portions. They were well-dressed operatives who took off swiftly when their activities were detected.
The most likely assumption is that these were freelance actions by political activists.

I do not for one moment imagine that Prime Minister Helen Clark would have had any knowledge of this. Such activities would be abhorrent to her.[/quote]

Now Clark probably has plausible deniability, but does Mike Williams?

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