Chief executives 'being hung out to dry'

Chief executives 'being hung out to dry'A former top public servant has accused Government ministers of hanging their department heads out to dry when things go wrong, following a series of situations where ministers have publicly criticised ministry chief executives.
[NZ Politics]

Even the satirists have noticed that this is the case with Facelift mocking the government as well. This abuse of the top civil servants will backfire spectacularly when one or more decide to spill the beans. That day of that happening is getting closer and closer. There are many people this taudry crown have annoyed over the years and now they are starting to talk.

They are talking about tearful flights, rages of anger, partners missing in action, the sharing of blankets in first class and on and on. It is only a matter of time berfore a book is released documenting the sheer hypocrisy of our government leaders.?