City Vision selects plethora of double dippers and geriatric queue jumpers

City Vision is so bereft of talent that they are having to resort to the ancient and the failed.

If I am not mistaken the Bob Tizard seeking election for the ADHB is the same failed MP who is mostly known for trying to storm out of a TV interview whilst still tethered to the microphone and whose date of birth 1924. Perhaps at age 82 he is trying to jump the not inconsiderable queues for geriatric care.

Not only that but two other candidates that are already sucking from the public tit are seeking another spot at the trough.

Shayle Chambers who is already on the board of Vector and an AECT trustee appointee is now also seeking a seat on the ARC and Ian Scott, famous for his kiss on the lips of Peter Davis in 2005, who is on the ADHB is also seeking a seat on the ARC.

Another question that needs to be answered, Why are Labour using National Party Blue on the tops of their billboards in Auckland City??