Cocktail of Blunders

Labour’s electoral bill a cocktail of blunders –

Yet another flogging over the Electoral Finance Bill, this time from Tracy Watkins.
[quote]It was supposed to be the Left’s right-hook against National and its money train of wealthy – and sometimes shadowy – backers.

Instead, it has become the Right’s cause celebre and made free speech champions out of National Party leader John Key and his deputy Bill English.

Mr English has made such a meal out of the bill’s more draconian provisions that it threatens to define Labour’s election year.

His claim that the bill is nothing more than a cynical attempt by Labour to muzzle its opponents and skew the electoral odds is resonating with an electorate that feels increasingly jaded about the Labour Government.

If there was any doubt that National was winning the PR war, Mr Key removed that this week; his promise to scrap the legislation once National is in power is a far cry from when the bill was first mooted in the wake of a turbulent 2005 election. [/quote]

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