Colin Espiner slags off government attacks as well

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Colin Espiner's blog, which is a breath of fresh air amongst the MSM slags off the government for their pathetic attempts to smear John Key.

[quote]Oh, for heaven?s sake! Someone needs to tell Prime Minister Helen Clark to call off her attack dogs until they?ve got something decent to chew on.
The paltry fare served up on John Key by Labour?s research unit for the likes of Pete Hodgson and Clayton Cosgrove to growl over of late has been nothing short of a total embarrassment.
When Labour recently declared, somewhat prematurely as it turned out, an end to the National Party leader?s honeymoon, one might have thought that the Government?s tacticians and back-room operators had some dirt worth dishing on John Key.
Things started out OK, with an assault on some pretty wishy-washy remarks Key had made on Iraq, starting with his implied support for the Coalition of the Willing back in 2003 and continuing with his more recent flip-flop on his position on the war.
But after that line of attack got completely blown out of the water by the Air New Zealand ?Digger Air? story last week, Labour needed a new line of fire. And so far, it?s been woeful. [/quote]

Colin makes a very cogent suggestion that the government focus on governing, that is after all what they stole the election to do.

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