Colin James: A Key to change without breaking down the door?

Colin James: A Key to change without breaking down the door?The rise of John Key and Kevin Rudd are eerily alike – even, now, to owning up to an out-of-character strip joint jaunt. Shock, horror. The traders in the Alex cartoon, chronicle of life in Key's London financial markets, seem… [NZ Politics]

The wise man of NZ Political Commentary Colin James has a thoughtful piece on the rise and rise of John Key.

He opines that voters now see Key as the logical successor to Clark and that Labour's attacks are futile as the voters minds have shifted.

His best lines are the last.

[quote]But National's shift is also a consequence of this nascent nation's independent state of mind. Forelock-tugging doesn't wash now.

Will National also take independence on a step? Maybe. Quietly, some National MPs are preparing a plan to ditch the monarchy on Queen Elizabeth's death.

Clark doesn't dare go there and most Nationalists are not ready for it. But if Key gets to be Prime Minister and lasts as long as Clark, he may well install our first president. That's independence.[/quote]

President Key anyone?